Lima - Do first impressions count?

View from our front window

Traffic - crazy - even at 1am in the morning when we arrived at the airport.  They even have a 'circle of death' - think Dequetville Terrace round about  (or Piazza Venezia in Rome  or  Place de la Concorde in Paris)

Gum trees lining the road we will walk to our office each day - just a little bit of home. And jacaranda trees lining the streets - will feel like Christmas  in Australia when they bloom.

Big Shopping centres all over the world are the same - you can find detergent, washing powder, toasters, phone charge stations,  ATMS, bread (amazing and strange varieties- including zebra bread) and sweet stuff.

Just like Malaysia - not quite right - you should see some of the electrical wires in the street, and the plugs in houses!

Kind and approachable people - even if my Spanish stinks

The church is the same all over the world - that is so comforting

Lovely senior missionaries who have taken us under their wing and have been excited to have Australians so close.

Grey misty sky all the time -  that makes it look like it will dump with rain at any moment - but it never rains!

Mountains - completely barren of any vegetation - yet starkly beautiful

3 flights of steps up and down from our apartment - every single time.

Police cars and gated streets and apartment blocks - even a local vigilante on your street - I am assured by the locals that it is safe in this area!

Taxis everywhere - walk to the side of the main road and there is one at your side.

Picarón - local Peruvian delicacy - fried donuts made with sweet potato - dipped in honey glaze sauce - YUM !

Already Craig has been busy in his new role - we seem to be needed here.

We have much more to see and learn - many new restaurants and eating places to discover - we look forward to many new adventures. We are glad to finally be here!

1. Picarón Yum!     2. Our place top floor building on left  3. Zebra bread   4. Jacarandas down the street